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Il kayak Phoenix CORE WhiteOut di Wave Sport

Achieving the impossible -


lightning speed that doesn't punish those human lapses.


Got Your Back!

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The all-new Phoenix from Wave Sport is river kayaking reborn!

Achieving the seemingly impossible - the combination of the fastest hull that doesn’t punish those human lapses. Over the past five years, Team Wave Sport has been exhaustively testing and prototyping to bring you a machine that’s mean enough to handle the hardest of rapids and creeks - with the speed to fly over any feature its paddler demands. 

Paddling the Phoenix down river, you’ll be able to take the hard lines knowing your kayak’s got your back!

The CORE Creek Seat provides the ultimate level of safety whilst maximising on comfort and fit. Intuitive controls allow 7.5cm of fore and aft seat adjustment - allowing you to tune your position for that perfect balance on the river.  The rotomoulded tank style creek seat is stiff and durable and incorporates our step-out pillar with easy-grip handle - for easy carrying and efficiency in the step-out motion.

Outfitting comprises of the CORE Leg Lifter - providing 7.5cm of elevation, allowing for more efficient energy transfer from the paddler to the kayak.  Multi-part CORE Thigh Braces with removable outer hooks offer unparalleled levels of fit and adjustment, with hip pads and a booster seat pad completing the outfitting package - all covered in our stylish, marine vinyl white pads.

If you want the ultimate level of outfitting and safety, then you have found it in CORE WhiteOut.

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Dotazioni Phoenix CORE WhiteOut

  1. CORE Seat with WhiteOut Pads

    Light and strong seat with comfortable padding. Our signature marine vinyl white pads are easy to wipe and clean keeping your Wave Sport kayak looking stylish and fresh.

  2. CORE Creek Seat

    Rotomoulded tank style creek seat is stiff and durable for helping you push the limits. Works in conjunction with the step-out safety pillar. 

  3. Safety Step-Out Wall – with Easy-Grip Handle

    Step-out wall includes easy-grip handle for easy carrying and efficiency in the step-out motion. 

  4. CORE Leg Lifter Control

    Ratcheting CORE leg lifter provides the ultimate connectivity that allows more efficient energy transfer from the paddler to the kayak and reduces muscle fatigue in your legs for all day comfort. 

  5. Seat Booster Pad

    An optional seat booster pad is included for extra customisation 

  6. Ratchet Adjustable Backband

    Fine-tune the tension of you backband with an easy to adjust control.

  7. WhiteOut Hip Pads

    Contoured hip-pads provide a positive fit and increase connectivity. Additional foam shims allow the thickness of the hip-pads to be adjusted for the perfect fit.

  8. CORE Thigh Braces

    Muti-part adjustable thigh braces - with removable outer thigh hooks. Thigh hooks give maximum contact and control of the kayak, but can be removed if extra space is preferred.

  9. Whitewater Bulkhead Footrest System

    Focused on safety and sets an industry standard of excellence. A reinforced bulkhead with expanding toe-cups to prevent feet from pushing past. Includes foot padding for customisation..

  10. CORE Double Gear Stacker

    Designed to easily store a water bottle and throw bag together. Keeping those essential items accessible.

  11. Gear Loop Attachment Points

    An array of easy to reach and self draining grab points that double up as carry handles.

  12. Security Grab Points

    An array of easy to reach and self draining grab points that double up as carry handles.

  13. Drain Plug

    Allows for easy drainage of water whilst being carried on paddlers right hand shoulder.

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91cm x 51cm


I kayak Perception sono costruiti con polietilene ad alta densità superlineare, la cui manutenzione è praticamente nulla. Alcune precauzioni nello stoccaggio invernale e nel trasporto manterranno il kayak come nuovo per molti anni.

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